Friday, November 4, 2011

Roses budding

This poem is something I wrote a little while ago, but I wanted to share it for a special invitation I received to join a rally at The Poetry Palace.  Thanks, Orange Tree, and I hope you enjoy this one. 

Beginning to blossom, a delicate rose bud
She waits for the tide to wash away the mud,
Wide eyed and hopeful, like a pearl in the sand
Then tenderly she carries it, cradled in her hands.

Like a child chasing butterflies, she runs up the path
Wonder enlightening, and she begins to laugh
As the sun burns brightly in joyous azure skies
I watch her hopeful seeking with tears in my eyes.

Helpless to stop her, as she tries to share her find
One after another, they turn away, blind
She wilts, tears glistening, hands drooping beside
And turns away alone again, her treasure to hide.

I call her name, she turns to me, with sorrow in her eyes
I reach to her, and gently start to brush away the lies -
Lies that tell her she has nothing worthy to impart
And like a balm, I whisper words of truth to her heart.

I tell her how I glimpse the beauty cradled in her hands
I tell her how God made those pearls, glinting in the sands
And as the waves of truth wash away rejection’s mud
The heart revealed in her hand’s a delicate rose bud.


Anonymous said...

there is such a huge amount of tenderness and love in this poem Zoe...what a splendid comparison you made in-here...wonderful! :)

Zoe said...

Thanks Lilly! My heart really does break when I see such things. I pray that there is always someone to appreciate the beauty of another's heart, no matter how young they are.

Ina said...

This is a wonderful poem, full of care and consideration. Lovely.

Anonymous said...

Tenderness all the way, beutifully written!

Zoe said...

Ina - thank you! It is good to share it, I must admit :)
Eclipse - thank you too!
I am honoured that you both stopped by.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

Words matter, and too many times people don't take the time to say a few encouraging kind words. Everyone needs encouragement. Everyone!
Wonderful poem, Zoe. Full of compassion and wisdom. I like it!

Zoe said...

Marbles - you are soo right - Everyone does need encouragment. And I certainly appreciate yours! Thank you!

Jo Bryant said...

such a sweet and tender piece

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I think this is my favorite poem ever!

Zoe said...

Hi Jo, and thank you!
Benjity - wow, that is high praise. Thank you too.
I'm glad you both stopped by.

Morning said...

what a gem talent, wow.

your words delight,

Happy Rally.


pamanner said...

Awh, my favorite lines:
"Wide eyed and hopeful, like a pearl in the sand
Then tenderly she carries it, cradled in her hands."

Beautiful imagery and love the font/layout!

Zoe said...

Morning - you are truly so kind, thank you!
Pamanner - I confess those are probably my favourite lines too! Thank you for your kind thoughts too. :)

Nel said...

This reminded me of the rose in the Little Prince.

A sweet poem.:)

Zoe said...

Hi Nel, I will have to look that one up. :)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful sweet poem - the imagery you created was vivid and breathtaking :) Thank you for sharing!

Bar None Publishing Group said...

Zoe, your words are worthy to impart. Thx for sharing them.

Anonymous said...

sadness and joy always seems to see the heart in different shades.
Nice read.

The Orange Tree said...

love your poetic whispering,

Happy Rally.

Zoe said...

Curse - thank you! I am glad you liked it.
Bar None - (smile) nice twist back on me. Thank you. :)
ZQ - I think you are right - sadness and joy are so unique in interpretation.
Orange Tree - good to see you again, and thank you once more!

The Gooseberry Garden said...

elegant wording, your way of poeticizing us amazing,

invite you to join our poetry picnic today,

1 to 3 random poems are welcome for first time participants, you can also write for our theme,


hope to see your participation.

bendedspoon said...

i love what you see and share -- you bloom! :)

Zoe said...

Bended spoon,
Thank you! I think we all need to bloom. :)