Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Gift

Over the years I have had a myriad of excuses for a total lack of ambition and belief in my abilities.  I think it is time to face a reality that there are, actually, things that I can do relatively well, and to acknowledge that those things do not come from any merit on my own part, but rather are part of who I was made to be. So here is my offering for dVerse this week.

The gift
Sometimes, as I lift my eyes from the hills
to lose myself in daily uncertainties
I long
For the wisdom of knowing Your will
But then
I wonder, if it isnt instead
that I long
for the patience
to wait for Your time
Or the courage
to move when it comes
But then
If I am honest, I know
that I fear
the beauty of the purpose
You have shown me

Daring to hope for
The faith to believe
You have given me
This gift.

Monday, October 24, 2011



I actually wrote this last week, but this week's Magpie prompt (thanks once again, Tess!) just kicked these emotions to the front in full force again.  Definitely feeling a bit city bound at the moment. And when that happens, when I am tired, my thoughts fly to moonlit nights in the countryside.  A bit  idyllic, I suppose, but that's fine by me :)  I hope you enjoy it too.


Beyond the lamplight’s baleful glare
Stars sing silently

Beyond the concrete’s looming hulk
Planets flicker endlessly

Beyond the slick surface of civilisation
The universe gazes patiently

I stand unmoving
The pavement’s cracked inflexibility
Lashing city bound feet
That groan with longing
For release.

 I question the moon
Faint and alone in the orange glow
That hides the sparkle of galaxies
Around her.

Her answer calls me
Where my feet cannot take me.
As I close my eyes, my vision flees
Beyond the street’s impartial prison
Into the night.
            *          *          *
I watch her pale eyes dissolving the ties
Binding me to the roads down below
And hear on the breeze, the whisper of trees
Entreating and pleading, insisting I follow

Their murmuring branches soften and sigh
Their rustling leaves brush and sweep through my hair
I slip from their chatter to bark that is gleaming
Its smooth imperfections by moonlight laid bare

I breathe in its promise of moist verdant fullness
Resounding from trunk to the roots deep and low
Then dance on the scent of sun softened earth
Life springing soil caressing each toe.

I splash from its warmth to the hush of the ocean
That rush silken waters to welcome my feet
Cleansing life’s grime as its saltiness carries me
Heaven gleams brighter and burdens retreat.

And so with a sigh of longing contentment
This respite slips quietly out of my hand.
Seeing the stars growing dim in their splendour
I whisper a gentle adieu to this land

My eyes open once more on daily existence
Buoyed by those moments of peace in the night
Whose stars gilt the rivers 'neath luminous trees
And murmuring oceans reflect the moon’s light.