Tuesday, February 28, 2012

With You

I want to share this for dVerse ONL.  It isn't one of my best poems, but it is one of my most earnest and deeply felt.  I have been blessed with an amazing friend - someone I can talk to about anything, but who also understands because of similar experiences and ways of thinking.  I wrote this for her...

With You

“There is a friend closer than a brother”
With my friend I have run on silken feet
Through the moonlit gaze of snow-kissed trees
Followed scents, winter’s stillness to greet

Together, loosed the coral of our hair
Swaying with the ocean’s lullaby
Dived as one to drink of untouched depths
Sung with joy the whale’s timeless cry

We’ve broken bonds that chained us to the earth
Communing through the silent stratosphere
Clung to understanding’s feathered vanes
Dared to seek the sun’s refining sear

And as we’ve wept from dark and twisted paths
Mingled tears have drawn us to the Light
So we wash the grime in rivers of Truth
See - her soul, like an opal, shimmers bright.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Streams of Thought

Do you ever have those moments of thought, perception and harmony that take you outside yourself?  This is how I describe them. :) I was reminded of this by the contrast of colours in this week's Magpie (Thanks Tess - I needed that reminder!). 
 This is something I also want to share for Open Link Night at dVerse I would love some constructive feedback, but I also have a desire to give this one a voice, so thank you, Natasha, for the encouragement to do just that! 

Streams of Thought

Silent stillness
Quiescent phrenic balm
Beneath the surface chatter
All is calm

Colours flicker
Swirling streams align
Auroral dance of consciousness
Shimmers beyond time

Complex laminae
Resounding from afar
Atomic vibrant thought-pulse
Streaming to the stars.

Strands entwining
Lightning static flash
Voltage shocks photonic fuse
Glorious cosmic lash.