Sunday, November 6, 2011

Suffering and Sorrow

Although this only remotely connects with figments and fidelity (from this week's Gooseberry Garden), I have to share it.  Every so often, I grieve for the people around me, whose lives seem filled with suffering - some through their own choices, some through circumstances, some through the terrible choices of others, many through a combination of all those things. When this happens, (after I have done whatever I can do to help on a practical level), I often reach this point:


The World's sorrow seems close to the surface today,
Under evil, I sense her reel and sway.
The groan of a thousand tortured lips
Wrest slumber from my tenuous grip -

Whispered gasps of moonlit tears
As she holds close her child, whose breath disappears
His frail body, ravaged by cruel disease
At last, in death, has found its ease.

“You worthless whore, you should be dead”
Lies echo unceasingly 'round in her head,
Their poisonous phrases spurn all her pleas,
Under their venom, hope shatters and flees.

“You loser, why can't you do anything right?!”
Her loathing contempt, bleeds him of might
Dejected and angry, he walks out the door
Self esteem shattered, he cannot bear more.

Wordless shrieks from a mind caged by fear
Huddled alone as his footsteps draw near
Dreading the touch of his incestuous hands
Powerless to escape his vile commands.

Relationships strained, innocents scarred
Bitterness causing hearts to grow hard
Fury and terror, trials and stress
Trying to survive each day nonetheless.

Their pain shudders through the cracks in their mask
Answering questions that I cannot ask
The darkness in lives, tangled and torn
Tonight leaves me grieving, burdened and worn.

So instead, I come to the foot of the cross
Knowing my Lord bled and died for their loss
Trusting that He'll bind each sorrow-pierced heart
Praying for comfort and healing to start.

For I've felt His balm in my life's pain
His whispers of comfort and love, like the rain
Gently cleansing the lies in my mind
Lifting me up, His freedom to find

So I pray for those voices that cry in the night
Asking that one day, they come to His light
Pray for the words to comfort each one
To offer them hope, revealing the Son.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure this only happens every so often, Zoe. What a day it must be ;) There's so much love and care for humanity in your expression. Your words, my gosh, they're like sharp needles piercing my heart. They were so beautifully played and woven together. The one that really got to me: "Their pain shudders through the cracks in their mask". Beautifully worded, so perfect. I have to say, only those who have experienced sorrow like this, can talk about it so personally like the way you did it. This is a great piece.

Zoe said...

Hi Peaceroad,
Wow, you really honour me - feeling something is one thing, but actually communicating it is another, and I am awed, totally awed, that these words spoke so deeply to you. Thank you so very much.

Morning said...

For I've felt His balm in my life's pain
His whispers of comfort and love, like the rain
Gently cleansing the lies in my mind
Lifting me up, His freedom to find!

love these lines, divine and beautiful poetry.

Happy Poetry Picnic.

Mystic_Mom said...

Heart breaking and soul soothing, your poetry strikes so many chords Zoe. Thank you for sharing this!

LBTL said...

I know the feeling, where you feel so much when you see what goes on around you and it causes a burden on your soul, a great way to put it out there.
Happy gooseberry day!

Marbles in My Pocket said...

This is an awesome poem, Zoe. I am very impressed, and I enjoyed reading it! Very well done!

Chèvrefeuille said...

What a ... impressive poem, I can feel the pain, but also the joy. Really awesome

Zoe said...

Morning - thank you! It is hard to put into words the wonder of that balm, so especially encouraging that you felt my poor effort.
Mystic - so good to see you! I knew that you, of all people, would understand this one :D
LBTL - good to see you! And I am soo thankful that you know that pain too - sometimes it feels very isolating, doesn't it!
Marbles - good to see you again! Thank you so much for your kinds words - I was really worried that people would find this a crushing poem, and not enjoy it.
Chèvrefeuille - good to meet you! You cannot know how much your words lightened my spirit - I was so concerned that this poem would dishearten, and that you saw the pain and the joy, made my day. :)

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

heartfelt words.

your poetry rocks.

Zoe said...

Promising Poets - wow, thank you!!

tinkwelborn said...

this is a very good poem. pain, suffering, self-mutilation.
(I believe this poem is good enough to stand on the human condition message and the 'other' message omitted. but each has his own medicine).