Friday, June 24, 2011


Through the woods
nto the night,
Ghosting along in the pale moonlight

Silently stepping, calm and alone

eaching a place only I can call home

Sighing soft breeze
Trees cleanse the air
Tall stately trunks of giants live here
My presence expected but calmly received
Greeted with murmurs of moon silvered leaves

Weaving of branches
Unforeseen birth
Of elegance winding up from the earth
Surreal sienna, paled in star glow
Timelessly lilting subliminally low

Conversing caressing
Streams wander by
Dancing from translucent trees to the sky
Constantly moving, unchangingly still
Revealing, unearthing, my senses they fill

Purposefully wading
Unhurriedly deep
Aching intensity cool waters seep
Peering, awaiting soft surface flow
Searching, exploring reflections below

Communing softly

In watery bliss

Galaxies hidden in lake's soothing kiss

Eternal delights gently unfold

Sing in the moonlight of treasures untold

Complexities soothing
Untangling vines
Truth slowly sifting through layers of time
Alone in the starlight clasped in His hand
Entwined in the soil of this pale silent land

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heavenly Song

“The heavens declare the glory of the Lord,

and the firmament His handiwork….”

I walk through the wheat, sun-kissed and golden,

I hear the lonely cry of the black cockatoos

I feel the warm breeze sighing through the salmon gums.

This is the country I love.

But once the sun sets, the wheat pales

The breeze stills and the earth beneath my feet

Holds it’s breath.

As the sun’s glory fades, the heavens shine

In the silence, vast and silky.

From East to West, the Universe sings

Praise to our God.

The heavenly chorus echos through time,

Each star, each galaxy in joyful abandon,

From North to South, its harmony weaves,

Crescendos through the silent night.

And I stand in awe.

Siren's Song

Beneath the choral welcome

I sense a note to cause

A subtly jangling discord

Just enough to make me pause

Beneath the dazzling silver sheen

Of smiles so turgid warm

Behind the jarring beauty,

What veiled schemes have formed?

What peers from eyes that question?

Whilst teeth chant sterile phrase

Of banal conversation

Creeps dark intent to daze.

The fragrant first tones may be sweet

With blackberry, grape or pear

But complex musky layers hint

at corpses buried there.

With twisted glee, you wield the knife

To slay those in your way

Clamber high on rotting flesh

To birth your brand new day:

The image may be pristine,

Appearance finely tuned,

But know that God sees what you hide,

And Evil's fate is doomed.


What do you see in the world around you? What is it that makes your heart sing in the moonlight? What calls to you from the depths of the shadows? It is those things that inspire me to write, to wander the house in a daze until the words are spoken. This is raw work, that pours forth from my fingers, crying for voice. Sometimes it shouts in joy, sometimes in pain but always in the truth that I see.
I hope these words challenge you, bring you joy and speak to your spirit.
Feel free to comment and ask questions - I would love to hear from you!