Saturday, August 20, 2011


Gentle clouds drift like nomads

Past contentment’s peaceful rays,

And the time patters quickly

Like bare feet on summer days.

But Friday’s tumult threatens,

Storm clouds gather to the fray

And the weekend breaks.

Barometric pressure plunges

In a storm tormented race,

Horizons darken sullenly

Rain obscures the sea's face

As we battle lost and seasick

Through the weekend’s churning pace,

Seeking shelter.

At last, amidst the chaos

We can see calm waters peeping

Sense relief within our ear drums

From the glass's upward creeping

Though our knees are weakly weary

And our eyes are red with weeping,

We’ve survived.

Exhausted now we creep

Out of Sunday’s frantic tumble

Desperate for some respite

In the storm clouds distant rumble

Gathering what strength we have

Before the headlong stumble

Into Monday.

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Friday, August 19, 2011

In time...

How can it be

that time does not dull

certain memories?

Nor dims

the bitter conviction

of soul destroying lies?

Why is it that

rejecting their snarling lies

lessens not their howls?

Nor eases

the throbbing ache of putrid scars

pulsing against their sutures?

Oh no, time will not heal such things

No matter what bright falsities

Trip off well-meaning tongues.

But if you let the Master Surgeon

with Hands infinitely skilled

probe those scars

You will find

The purulence will slowly drain away

Bringing healing.

And it can be

that truth transforms

this freshly cleansed rich soil of your mind

And plants

the seeds of renewed hope

watered with the sweet dew of freedom

Springing forth

The most beautifully fragrant

Petals of life.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Of pigment and perfection

I don't know why, but the lure of colour swatches in the paint section of the store, always draws my eye. I think it has to do with the longing for perfection that I battle! This photo prompt from Magpie Tales this week reminded me of that. Thanks again, Tess for a fascinating prompt.

Of pigment and perfection

There is something so soothing

in the stillness of colour swatches

in the Hardware Store,

Easing between hues

‘Café Crème’s softness swells to Oceanic,

Seamlessly. Patiently.

Each in the perfect spot.

Each the perfect size.

When one is chosen,

Another silently slides

Into place, smiling

With pre-appointed assurance.

But you carry your selection

Out from the impersonal glow of conformity

Into the harsh light of reality

And somehow

Perfection fades under

The sticky movement of rollers

Laying bare colour onto open spaces

And you see, for the first time

The pigmental impurities

Under the shadows and highlights

Of natural light.

And so Café Crème

Shimmers in a dust-sheeted room

Fraught with blemishes

Warmed with laughter

It swells with the promise of life.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Assertions echoing lift my heart

Giving me the idea that I am not alone,

That together we will shoulder the burdens

To pursue this task with vigour.

All too soon, the echoes die to silence

Their emptiness fading into the chasm of dreams.

I realise that there is no-one else here but me.

Do I struggle on, alone? Trying

To straddle too many trails? Burden

Growing heavier by the day? Hoping

Against all hope that this uphill climb will end?

That one day, I will walk with renewed strength?

Or do I lay down my burden and build a fire?

Cast my aspirations into the flames of reality

And watch them burn into ash; drift away

With smoke that disappears on the wind -

And sighing, pick my way back down through the rocks

To the plains once more. Leaving behind

Charred hope smouldering into nothingness.

No. I will not quit. I will keep faith

in this journey that is set before me.

I will ask for strength.

And pursue a trail to the heights


That my compass is true.


That my map has not led me astray.


To enjoy the wild untamed beauties

Of this difficult ascent.


I will walk once more

in peaceful valleys,


The clear streams that flow

from this mountain.
And I will smile with remembrance
that though I stumbled

I made it through.

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