Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This week's Gooseberry Garden challenge is about childhood.  A prickly subject indeed.  I am including three poems here, presenting three very different aspects of childhood.  I have included 'Dark Awakening' because unfortunately, childhood means abuse to so many.  'Belonging' explores a less sinister, but still very sad aspect of childhood for so many.  And finally, I have included 'A Friend' because I want to hold out the hope that even in the midst of darkness, comfort and friendship comes from unlikely places. 
I would love to hear your comments - good criticism is essential to growth and I appreciate your insights no end, but also if you want to share on any of these aspects of childhood, please do.

Dark Awakening

Detachment: Dreamer spies
through heavy-lidded eyes –
two joyful, faceless forms
are dancing, mesmerized.

Bemusement: Sleeper stirs
to ponder what enthralls –
a tattered, worthless heap
of rag against the wall?

Confusion: Muser hears
with fast-perceiving ears –
the leaping figures’ rage,
their snarling, stabbing jeers.

Discomfort: Listener sees
with painful clarity –
each slashing, vicious step
of cruel insanity.

Abhorrence: Watcher feels
with growing disbelief –
the Life within the rag
of broken, frozen grief.

Revulsion: Soul recoils
in horror, truth remains –
and with a sobbing breath
awakens to the pain


Apart, alone, so different
She sits and tries to pretend
That she doesn't see the stares
Doesn't feel the snubs
Doesn't hear the message they send

But deep in her soul, where nobody sees
The pain throbs behind closed doors
The wounds in her soul
Inflicted each day
Reveal she is losing this war

The tears that she cries, dry unseen in her eyes
Freeze her heart but can't stop her longing
for friends of her own,
some place safe to call home,
Those who want her: a sense of belonging.


A friend

Through the gate and down the high street
Past rows of houses to the village outskirts
Cool red brick and sun dappled hedges dissolve
Into quiet green havens on rich loamy dirt.
A dream carries me

I peddle down trails towards this oasis
Calmly expectant of what will be there
Shimmering coats cloaking elegant forms
Long flowing tails and nostrils that flare
I long to see

Bike leaned against the old wooden fence posts
I snatch at cool grass, quickly filling my fist
Sneaking one hand past heavenly gates
Held open, revealing juicy grass wisps
And I wait…

Watching each move of these beautiful creatures
Gleaming in sunlight, whether chestnut or bay
Hoping they’ll come to eat this poor offering
Before casual breezes steal it away.
And it is too late

Sometimes each step as they graze slowly brings them
Near to the fence that forever divides
And my heart lifts in hope that I’ll briefly taste freedom
Whispered in snuffles of horse-murmured sighs
Of understanding

Warm neck of soft satin, smoothing my fingers
Steadfast heart calmly echoing low
Gentle companionship soothing my soul
Nickers of comfort and peacefulness flow.
And my soul sings.

I see in his soft eye galloping meadows
Joyful canters through pine scented trees
Feeling the ground churned by his hooves
The breeze swirling with him amongst dancing leaves
Without end.

He shares all of these for a handful of grass
And crops there beside me, just over the fence
And I bathe in his presence as minutes slip slowly
Enthralled by his beauty, lost in the scent
Of a friend.


Morning said...

touching words.
amazed to see you contribute with three poems,

The Cello Strings said...

moving piece on the 2nd poem,

Happy Poetry Picnic.

visit a few to get more feedback.


Anonymous said...

Oh Zoe,
I so appreciate the final poem. I used to have a horse and now my dog plays that role often. But I can still smell the dusty-mustiness of a horse. I hear him nicker and blow in my face. Such a friendship. Thanks!

Chèvrefeuille said...

Zoe ... you did it ... I am touched by your poems. Well done.

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

keep it up.

join us today, have fun!

Mystic_Mom said...

Wonderfully done my sister! Thank you for sharing your heart.