Sunday, November 27, 2011


This poem is from the prompt at dVerse for today.  As always, there is a swathe of excellent poems there and I hope you will take a moment to link back and have a read for yourself!
I have been thinking for some time about the dangers of allowing the 'inner self' out and so this sat rather nicely with the excellent prompt from dVerse for today.  The post there simply focused all of these thoughts into this poem: 


The eye glints
Endless craving,
Crying though each beat of pounding blood
Restless seeking
Each nerve thrumming with
Anticipated adventure.
Precious water soaking dusty, parched lands
Do you not know, O traveller
That the wilderness you seek
Is your soul?

Steel glints
Endless stalking,
Thrilling through each tread of silent feet
Raging conquest
Each muscle tense with
Longing for the chase
Crimson life-blood staining ravished, cold lands
Do you not know, O hunter
That the beast you seek to vanquish
Lies within?


Brian Miller said...

nice zoe...the true battle does lie within...though often the hunt leads us to the exterior trying to find what we seek...which will never truly satisfy...

Fireblossom said...

Nothing like the old switcheroo. We have met the enemy and he is us?

Mark Kerstetter said...

The wilds within are as vast and real as any forest, and we must get used to the encounters with strange beings who turn out to be manifestations of ourselves. But that's our mandate, we who wish to be alive! Thanks for sharing your poem.

Sheila Moore said...

oh,nice - lies within, so true!

Claudia said...

Do you not know, O traveller
That the wilderness you seek
Is your soul?
so true...the real danger and wildness is not coming from outside but inside...good thoughts in this zoe..i like..

The Orange Tree said...

daring explorations,
well done on the theme.

kaykuala said...

True enough,Zoe! We hunt and search for solutions grappling with diversions. Never realizing the answers lie within. Great verse!