Monday, May 7, 2012

Train of Thought

For Gooseberry Garden this week, we are exploring the cosmos (and other things).  When I saw the topic, I was sure I would write about the natural beauty around me, but on a train ride a few days ago, I was struck by the isolation of the passengers.  It did, indeed, seem like we were in our own little world, trapped by the rain and the train.  In a 30 minute ride, not one person made eye contact with me.  But despite their silence and blank faces, I had a wonderful time looking at their shoes - so much variety! I felt as though their shoes opened the gateway to their own individual orbits within the cosmos.  I didn't, unfortunately, get around to many poets this last week but do, please join me in reading other poets' contributions for the Garden this week!

Unmasked train

duduh, duduh
we sway in silence
duduh, duduh
borne along
duduh, duduh
in a bright-lit carriage
duduh, duduh
to the rail’s song

Blurs of colour
Flash outside
windows fogged
on this rain-seeped ride

the universe narrows
the world grows dim
whirring wheels
trap souls within

a flickering orbit
each featureless face
eyes slip from this moment
of suspended space

blank eyes show no clue
souls masked from view
but each waiting shoe
unveils worlds about you

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Never Again...

There comes a point in a one-sided friendship where, despite the castle you tried to build, something dies.  We've probably all been on both sides of this poem... Sharing for Olive Garden this week. Please check out the other poems there today too!

never again

never again
she sighs
dousing fitfully
the smouldering
of friendship's false fortress

were there not others?
was she the only
 trying to stem
the ravenous mauling -
towering flames
watching the inferno
helplessly out  of  control

Or did she feed those fires?

the question
her empty bucket
 on the grey ash
of something