Thursday, December 29, 2011

A dream

I have been watching a favourite movie (Mamma Mia), listening to Abba's "I have a dream" and thinking about dreams.  Weaving waking and sleeping dreams together brought this, which I thought I would share for Poetry Palace's Poet's Rally Week 59, although it isn't Freeverse in form, it is somewhat free in subject. Enjoy, then hop on over to the rally for more fine verse.

A dream

I had a dream, a song to sing
A starving wolf who trusted me
Pursued by dogs to tear her throat
I lifted her to set her free

Safely borne by hidden breeze
On soul-taut strings in cool glade
Soaked in hues both rich and pure
Where thought could heal within the shade

Resting, growing in the warmth
Where each leaf shimmers in the sun
Kissed by clearest drops of hope
Alight with strength, soon she’ll run

Silken paws dance deftly through
Forgotten trails will heart's fire bring
Moonlight melts in the rainbow’d sun:
I have a dream, a song to sing.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This is  a piece I wrote a couple of years ago, but having had a really special Christmas this year, it called to mind the joy and thankfulness of this poem.  So, here is to everyone at  Gooseberry Garden, and dVerse, my two favourite poetic communities, as we stand poised on the brink of 2012....


Breeze sighing through golden wheat,
The paddock shimmering in the heat;
A horse's steady clop and the saddle's creak,
These are joyful whispers that I seek.

The sand's gentle squeak on my local shore,
The comforting tumble of the ocean's roar;
Laughter of my children as they splash and play,
These are joyful chants that warm my day.

The soothing tones of piano keys,
Caressing Celtic melodies;
Pure, clear voices in harmony,
All these, too, sing joy to me.

Magpie song, kookaburra's glee,
The call of the parrots in my gum tree;
The calming thrum of rain above,
Yet more of the joyful sounds I love.

My cat's purring warmth on my feet,
My husband's steady heart beat,
my sleepy children's goodnight calls,
These give me joy as each night falls.

But through each of these, in every note,
I hear the joy my Saviour wrote,
And deep within, I pause to sing
Reverent praise in awe to Him. 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This is the first year that my children have been old enough to anticipate Christmas but still young enough to have that delightful sense of wonder.  My daughter (5) in particular, is in such a state of excitement about life as a whole at the moment, that Christmas almost pales in comparison.  
I appreciate Hedgewitch's comments on Christmas at dVerse this week, and so this poem seemed appropriate to share. 


“Quick, come quickly!  Come and see! “
Joyfully, she calls to me,
Immersed in wonder, bathed in light,
Entwined in flutters of delight.
She scampers, dancing through the grass
Stooping,  laughing,  shooting past
And watching her, my heart expands
With love, as I reach for her hand.
Her smile lights up her face and eyes
As she unwraps each new surprise
Hidden in the earth and sky,
And catching clouds that pass her by.

I would love to hear your thoughts, and after you comment, please hop on over to dVerse to read some outstanding poetry.  Merry Christmas to you all - the kind of Christmas that is full of meaning, not just tinsel.  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comic Conundrum

My children are of an age where comic superheros really appeal to them.  After 3 days of running around the house pretending to be Iron Man and solve all the world's problems, this poem seemed appropriate to share for this week's Poetry Rally.  So please, I would love to hear what you have to say, but then pop over to the Rally for some more exciting poems!

Comic Conundrum

BAM!! KERPOW!!!!!!!!
Life seems so simple
in the comic book world
of absolutes. 
Evil is always honest
in its deception
never hidden by
gentle smiles
or hearts that truly mean well.

If only the mirror
spoke the soul's state
reflected in the folds and creases
of flesh like a sign
on the forehead
“Well meaning fool – don't listen”
“Will cut you down as compost
to feed my soul”
a grotesque comic art
of Dorian Grey

Oh no, life isn't simple
black and white
distilled prose
and chromatic cartoons

Draw carefully now
let life touch those lines
with an infinite complexity
and depth of hue

Find your sight.

I have just heard that I have been honoured with the "Perfect Poet's Award" from the Poetry Rally for this week!  Thank you folks! :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I think we are sometimes too willing to let a friendship die through misunderstanding. How does this fit this week's Gooseberry Garden theme of 'memories, nostalgia and family'?  Well, perhaps those things might make the difference when we are tempted to say goodbye. I hope they do.


I saw two friends say goodbye today
I watched them smile and drift away
Politely agree there was nothing to say
In sorrow, saw each turn her own way

Each unconcerned mask on a pain pinched face
Tears shimmered unseen, disappeared without trace
Each rigid step then widened the space
With shoulders held high, to quicken the pace

Why did this friendship that once was so rare
Let something dissolve what they each held so dear
Why did each one's desire, so seemingly clear
Tremulously echo somewhere they couldn't hear?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

To be a blessing

This is definitely one of my more emotional poems. It is honest, sure, but the question is - is it emotional, or just plain sentimental?  I am very thankful for the opportunity at dVerse this week to get some constructive feedback on that very issue.  So, don't be shy!  And thank you Victoria, for this great opportunity to improve my writing. 

To be a blessing
"greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father..."  John 14:12

How can it be that we will do greater?
What will You do with the things that You gave?
How can a life that is squandered and tawdry
Bring forth the impact and meaning I crave?

So long I have believed there is nothing of value
Wanting to give, but ashamed of the gift
So often retreated alone in confusion
Fear smashing hope, shipwrecked, adrift.

Watching it creeping like poisonous algae
Sickening taint of shame spreading ill
Under the glare of perfection's harsh sunlight
Blooming in too sluggish pools of good will.

Weeping as gifts that were given in earnest
Corrupted by panic, writhing in pain
Soiled beyond reason, beyond all redemption
I've turned good to dust, echoed Midas' bane.

There is One, only One, who can cleanse where I muddy
Turn ashes to beauty, restore what I spoil
So Lord, take my mourning and somehow, with mercy
Anoint these hands' work with joy's holy oil.

Let your grace empty my heart of this algae
Your purpose and hope, my vision now sear
The talents You gave me, to shine for Your glory
Flowing in love, 'til these waters run clear.