Monday, January 30, 2012


I should probably call this poem a Reality Check.  I have needed one recently, and this poem, though I wrote it over a year ago, was exactly that reality check for me.  I am sharing this for Gooseberry Garden free (okay, I know that wasn't what you meant by free, but if we are free linking we might as well talk about freedom in the ultimate sense.... )  linking this week and I hope that you are uplifted by it too.  Please link back there for other poems for the spirit and soul...

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, that God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them....   Eph 2:10

Churning uneasiness, swirling fatigue
Can't see the light of the woods for the trees
Sorrowful aching, so much to learn
Far from the tightrope of balance I yearn

So into the garden I flee to the night
Seeking and searching, longing for light
Knowing that only my Lord has the key
That opens the gate to humility

Kneeling at His feet, in tear stained awe
Blindness removed leaving feelings so raw
Praying for mercy to wash clean my soul
Praying for courage to take up my role

Praying for those He has charged to my care
For wings to grow strong and sweep through the air
To soar with them, urge them to freedom's pure cry
Discovery's journey to sing through their sky.

Praying for Sonrise to dawn in our land
Reaching enlightenment, daring to stand
Echoing praise, reflecting His Light
Drawing our souls, torn free with delight.

Free to explore, free to succeed,
Free to be honest, free to achieve
Living wholeheartedly, joyously free
Reverently, exquisitely, uniquely as me.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ice Age

Undercurrents - often they speak louder than the surface, at least they do to me.  I had almost forgotten how big a role they play - So thank you, Karin, at dVerse for reminding me for this week's interesting prompt.

  Ice Age

I suppose I should say
It is good to see you
But I can’t.
Your arms surround me
But don’t touch my heart
The warmth of your skin
Forms ice in my soul
As the glaciers creep
Slowly southward
With each unlooked for caress
The sun wanes
It’s feeble light flees
The dark winter
Of your embrace

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Night Rendezvous

A quick sketch of an idea for a painting of this experience
I love walking at night, particularly after it has been raining.  This night walk was particularly special and as such I really want to share it with the pub at dVerse open link night for this week, but it also seemed so appropriate for Gooseberry Garden's theme of 'new lives'.  Please, grab your favourite beverage, read here and  then head on over to the links for some wonderful poems and insights.

Night Rendezvous
Day’s tension fading, sure step will quicken
Farewell to the harsh glare of light
Rainstorm is passing, petrichor singing
Lemon gums perfume the night

Starlight is gleaming, a clean moon now waxing
The last clouds scurry away
Earth smiles, listening, timelessly soaking
Eve blooms from rain-cleansed day

Sheoaks are whistling, the path leading deeper
Away from the wide gravel drive
Lost leaves are sighing, caressing my footfall
Each sense intensely alive

A silhouette shimmers, forgotten oasis
Glimpsed on the night-darkened sand
Smiling, I greet him, with velvet he answers,
Blows softly and nuzzles my hand

He nibbles my sleeve, leans close in the darkness
My fingers melt into his mane
His scent fills my memory, echoes through decades
Sighing a timeless refrain

I am there, as a child, desperate for friendship
A subconscious search to be free
Strength, reassurance, gleams in his soft eye,
Waters the parched land I’d flee

I blink, pale moon pulls me back to the present
Her clarity pierces time’s hall
Risen as equal, grown from that lost child
Who died to that fierce inner call

In softening star glow, scented with damp soil
Companionable horse by my side
On moon’s bright ellipse my future seems poised
I am calm – no need now to hide

Communing in silence, horse satin, moon silver
The truth stands before me undressed
I see through those years, my loving Creator
Has wrought a new life that is blessed.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This prompt comes from Bluebell Books, whose kind invite to participate, I am thankful for.  I am also submitting this for dVerse.   Once you have read my offering, please link back to both these sites - there are some excellent works at both links.  So here, my first poem for 2012.
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Serenity curves her mouth softly
Joy whispers the rhythm to her feet
Rain chuckles as it kisses her eyelids
Traces the line of her nose
And brushes her lips
Glowing with sunlit promise

Thankfulness bursts from her heart in song
Making radiant her face, complete
in a swirling sea of isolated hearts
Who hide beneath their umbrella’d wings

The refreshing coolness of the rain
Seeps tantalisingly past their silent solitude.
In time, will they unfurl to its gentle call?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Hesitantly, hold a precious moment frozen
in time, softly cupped by frigid hands
Hoping today, time’s sands will shift.
But eventually, slight tremors 
cascading in alarm
make tenuous
the grasp


urgently as
the fragility of the
moment spirals out of
cringing apologetic fingers
sailing admirably on its final flight
irrevocably smashing on the implacable floor.

Some folk's hands are just too jittery
to trust with the good stuff.

I am sharing this one for dVerse's open link night.  Thanks again, for a great evening at the bar!