Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just a Fence

 This, my latest poem, is inspired by a gorgeous photo by a very talented and very dear friend, Shanyn Silinski, linked to Toads for their prompt this week.  The photo is after the poem (you will see why when you read it).  So, I hope you enjoy and then please skip back to Toads for some more great poems inspired by more of Shanyn's incredible photography.

I have also decided to link this to dVerse ONL this week - because this is quite different from my usual style and I would really appreciate some constructive feedback.  Thank you, fellow poets at dVerse! 

Just a fence

It’s just an old fence
Once straight posts
Leaning under the weight
Of time’s cold shoulder

Weeds straggling through
Knowing that eventually
They’ll smother
Once-taut wires

Does anyone see it?
Who cares as it rusts and loosens?
Do the cows thank it?

It encircles them tirelessly
Guarding them gently
From unnamed terrors in
Darkened forest paths
Sure, it has its uses,
But isn’t it ugly?
No.  Not at all.
Catch the Light
Gleaming on its faithful tresses
And its quiet beauty will ease your tired eyes
Its peace will speak comfort to your heart.

Poem Copyright Zoe Beringer

Photo Copyright Shanyn Silinski 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This is a poem I wrote before and have just tidied up.  I want to share this for a small group of close friends - because I think they will know this place. :)  I am linking to dVerse  for this one - because I think any time we get the chance to read many good poets, we should. :)   So grab your favourite beverage and come with me to somewhere rather special...


Through the woods
Into the night
Ghosting along in the pale moonlight
Silently stepping, calm and alone
Reaching a place only I can call home

Sighing soft breeze
Trees cleanse the air
Tall stately trunks of giants live here
My presence expected but calmly received
Greeted with murmurs of moon silvered leaves

Conversing caressing
Streams wander by
Dancing from translucent trees to the sky
Constantly moving, unchangingly still
Revealing, unearthing, my senses they fill

Purposefully wading
Unhurriedly deep
Aching intensity cool waters seep
Peering, awaiting soft surface flow
Searching, exploring reflections below
Communing softly
In watery bliss
Galaxies hidden in lake's soothing kiss
Eternal delights gently unfold
Sing in the moonlight of treasures untold

Complexities soothing
Untangling vines
Truth slowly sifting through layers of time
Alone in the starlight clasped in His hand
Lost in the soil of this pale silent land