Wednesday, January 4, 2012



Hesitantly, hold a precious moment frozen
in time, softly cupped by frigid hands
Hoping today, time’s sands will shift.
But eventually, slight tremors 
cascading in alarm
make tenuous
the grasp


urgently as
the fragility of the
moment spirals out of
cringing apologetic fingers
sailing admirably on its final flight
irrevocably smashing on the implacable floor.

Some folk's hands are just too jittery
to trust with the good stuff.

I am sharing this one for dVerse's open link night.  Thanks again, for a great evening at the bar!


Anonymous said...

liked the flow... fun piece to read

Brian Miller said...

i felt this like it was in slo know what is happening and can see it and do absolutly nothing about it....

hedgewitch said...

Great shape poem-much harder than they look to do-and I love the ending.

Ostensible Truth said...

"Some folk's hands are just too jittery
to trust with the good stuff." - now ain't that the truth! nicely put here - great seeing it up at dVerse! OT

Anonymous said...

Well done, what a great shape and movement. Terribly hard to hold on to a moment. :)

Taylor Boomer said...

perfect shape with unexpected lose.

well done.

Simran said...

Beautifully Done! :)