Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This prompt comes from Bluebell Books, whose kind invite to participate, I am thankful for.  I am also submitting this for dVerse.   Once you have read my offering, please link back to both these sites - there are some excellent works at both links.  So here, my first poem for 2012.
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Serenity curves her mouth softly
Joy whispers the rhythm to her feet
Rain chuckles as it kisses her eyelids
Traces the line of her nose
And brushes her lips
Glowing with sunlit promise

Thankfulness bursts from her heart in song
Making radiant her face, complete
in a swirling sea of isolated hearts
Who hide beneath their umbrella’d wings

The refreshing coolness of the rain
Seeps tantalisingly past their silent solitude.
In time, will they unfurl to its gentle call?


Snowflakes said...

gtreat attitude is incldued in this remarkable and heart warming piece,
glad to see you shine.

Taylor Boomer said...

rain makes life more interesting and romantic,


positive and lovely take on the prompt.

Elizena said...

Absolutely loved it! You gave the rain a playful personality and your character was charming and positive. Right now I wish it was raining so I could go out and play in the rain! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely poem. Be blessed!

Mystic_Mom said...

Lovely Zoe, so nicely done! Really wish it was rain and not snow season here so I too could play in the rain!

Brian Miller said... the peace in this...and i got the rain MM and i will trade you for some snow...smiles.

Claudia said...

oh nice..i like the gentleness and the intimacy here..rain can be quite peaceful at times and one can fly with or without wings...beautiful zoe..

Anonymous said...

Nice work! I love the sunlit promise. It trickles down through every line of your prose.

Isadora said...

Enjoyed your take on the challenge. A peceful and tranquil tone to your words.

~L said...

"swirling in the isolated hearts"!

after reading that... I saw more depth into the photo!!! That line was more than amazing... true talent!!


Anonymous said...

As always, Zoe, your writing is so delicate and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I haven't written much poetry lately, so I actually had to sit myself down and force it. I feel better now!