Thursday, December 29, 2011

A dream

I have been watching a favourite movie (Mamma Mia), listening to Abba's "I have a dream" and thinking about dreams.  Weaving waking and sleeping dreams together brought this, which I thought I would share for Poetry Palace's Poet's Rally Week 59, although it isn't Freeverse in form, it is somewhat free in subject. Enjoy, then hop on over to the rally for more fine verse.

A dream

I had a dream, a song to sing
A starving wolf who trusted me
Pursued by dogs to tear her throat
I lifted her to set her free

Safely borne by hidden breeze
On soul-taut strings in cool glade
Soaked in hues both rich and pure
Where thought could heal within the shade

Resting, growing in the warmth
Where each leaf shimmers in the sun
Kissed by clearest drops of hope
Alight with strength, soon she’ll run

Silken paws dance deftly through
Forgotten trails will heart's fire bring
Moonlight melts in the rainbow’d sun:
I have a dream, a song to sing.


booguloo said...

I like it.. especially, "...Moonlight melts in the rainbow’d sun:
I have a dream, a song to sing."

Dasuntoucha said...

Your words have a lyrical movement to them...enjoyable read.

Kimolisa said...

A beautiful piece, I love the imagery.

Marbles in My Pocket said...

A wonderful write. Very melodic and vivid!

Mystic_Mom said...

Such a lovely poem, love the freedom here! Keep writing!

Snowflakes said...

what a soft and moving piece.

you are a dreamer and a savor.
well done.
happy new year.

mindsinger said...

Thank you, Zoe! quietly given and deftly explored!

Anonymous said...

pretty rhymes :)
happy rally!

Alcina said...

Awesome imagery and a great topic..and you have weaved the poem superbly!

Anonymous said...

Soothing and yet hard hitting.You say things gently.I like your blog title as well.Its a very cancerian thing- to love the moonlight, though you may not be a Cancerian. :) Keep writing

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty!

Chèvrefeuille said...

Awesome poem. I love the imagery. Thanks for sharing.

Ostensible Truth said...

ah this is a great piece! the descriptions throughout!! nicely wrapped into rhyme - you've worked this form well! my favourite was the first stanza I think; though I liked them all! nice work! good seeing this up at the poetry palace

Mark Windham said...

The whole piece has a dreamlike quality. 'drops of hope' - enjoyed, thank you.

Tifiny said...

excellent poetry.


Anonymous said...

Quite a beautiful poem, loved the third stanza. Great job, enjoy the rally:)

tinkwelborn said...

very melodic & lyrical ….a song, in itself.
very nicely done.

~L said...

ummmm... this was deep and powerful. What a great write!