Monday, January 30, 2012


I should probably call this poem a Reality Check.  I have needed one recently, and this poem, though I wrote it over a year ago, was exactly that reality check for me.  I am sharing this for Gooseberry Garden free (okay, I know that wasn't what you meant by free, but if we are free linking we might as well talk about freedom in the ultimate sense.... )  linking this week and I hope that you are uplifted by it too.  Please link back there for other poems for the spirit and soul...

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, that God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them....   Eph 2:10

Churning uneasiness, swirling fatigue
Can't see the light of the woods for the trees
Sorrowful aching, so much to learn
Far from the tightrope of balance I yearn

So into the garden I flee to the night
Seeking and searching, longing for light
Knowing that only my Lord has the key
That opens the gate to humility

Kneeling at His feet, in tear stained awe
Blindness removed leaving feelings so raw
Praying for mercy to wash clean my soul
Praying for courage to take up my role

Praying for those He has charged to my care
For wings to grow strong and sweep through the air
To soar with them, urge them to freedom's pure cry
Discovery's journey to sing through their sky.

Praying for Sonrise to dawn in our land
Reaching enlightenment, daring to stand
Echoing praise, reflecting His Light
Drawing our souls, torn free with delight.

Free to explore, free to succeed,
Free to be honest, free to achieve
Living wholeheartedly, joyously free
Reverently, exquisitely, uniquely as me.


Marbles in My Pocket said...

Beautiful, Zoe. I believe freedom is a gift from God, and cannot be truly enjoyed without Him.

Zoe said...

Charles, it is certainly true that through Jesus Christ is the only way I have found freedom, and I believe His promise of freedom is one of the most precious we find in Scripture. Thanks for stopping by!

Taylor Boomer said...

heartfelt words,

the last stanza is powerful, best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Zoe, I wrote a long comment here and I don't see it now! I just said that I feel the same way very often and recently I've really needed to be reminded of my freedom in Christ. Your family is so blessed to have your prayers and for your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Just remember that His conviction is kindness and leads to repentance and forgiveness - never guilt!

Luna said...

This is beautiful. Hello. :0 We have similar blog names. It is nice to meet you.