Friday, August 12, 2011


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She looks at me in sorrow,

Tears glistening through sudden glassiness

And I feel her slip away

Into safety

Her form becomes hazy,

Fading into obscurity

As she slips beneath the surface, distorted

Into the shadows

She moves through life

Submerged, beyond reaching

Riding far away currents, slowly dissolving

Into silence

But I live for the moments

When she breaks the surface

Glistening and vibrant, breathing sweet air

Into our lives.

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Mystic_Mom said...

Oh I love this...the way it closes just had me looking for some water to see her return! Lovely!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Such an interesting choice of metaphor, which could stand for either death or birth, depending on how you read it.

jen revved said...

Beautiful, Zoe. I recognize this person: some of the time that would describe yours truly. xxxj

Mama Zen said...

Really beautiful write. That first stanza creates an incredibly vivid picture.

Zoe said...

Thanks, Everyone, for stopping by and for your comments. Kerry - I hadn't thought about birth or death - I love hearing what other people see!
Jen- me too!