Thursday, August 18, 2011

Of pigment and perfection

I don't know why, but the lure of colour swatches in the paint section of the store, always draws my eye. I think it has to do with the longing for perfection that I battle! This photo prompt from Magpie Tales this week reminded me of that. Thanks again, Tess for a fascinating prompt.

Of pigment and perfection

There is something so soothing

in the stillness of colour swatches

in the Hardware Store,

Easing between hues

‘Café Crème’s softness swells to Oceanic,

Seamlessly. Patiently.

Each in the perfect spot.

Each the perfect size.

When one is chosen,

Another silently slides

Into place, smiling

With pre-appointed assurance.

But you carry your selection

Out from the impersonal glow of conformity

Into the harsh light of reality

And somehow

Perfection fades under

The sticky movement of rollers

Laying bare colour onto open spaces

And you see, for the first time

The pigmental impurities

Under the shadows and highlights

Of natural light.

And so Café Crème

Shimmers in a dust-sheeted room

Fraught with blemishes

Warmed with laughter

It swells with the promise of life.


Erratic Thoughts said...

Oh yes I am always drawn to the paint section, I think its the smell,it works for me...
I am always happy in their proximity...
As you said, things are not always the way we see at first..when we analyze we can see the imperfections, we just have to accept them and it gets better!

Wise words, Zoe:)

HyperCRYPTICal said...

Fine words.

Anna :o]

Mystic_Mom said...

I love this! The paint swatches are so seductive to me, and yet you are right when they leave the perfection of their rack they become paint on imperfect walls in life...and that makes them so much more! Wonderful response to the prompt!