Friday, August 19, 2011

In time...

How can it be

that time does not dull

certain memories?

Nor dims

the bitter conviction

of soul destroying lies?

Why is it that

rejecting their snarling lies

lessens not their howls?

Nor eases

the throbbing ache of putrid scars

pulsing against their sutures?

Oh no, time will not heal such things

No matter what bright falsities

Trip off well-meaning tongues.

But if you let the Master Surgeon

with Hands infinitely skilled

probe those scars

You will find

The purulence will slowly drain away

Bringing healing.

And it can be

that truth transforms

this freshly cleansed rich soil of your mind

And plants

the seeds of renewed hope

watered with the sweet dew of freedom

Springing forth

The most beautifully fragrant

Petals of life.

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Mystic_Mom said...

"Trip off well meaning tongues" is one of my favorite phrases in this poem, and I love the whole poem! Wonderfully wrought...!

Anonymous said...

Deep, without becoming too heavy. Hopeful without becoming too flamboyant! I like it! *smile*

jen revved said...

Very moving, a spiritual paean-- you are such a wonderful asset to us at Triggered Muse and here at Friday's feast. love, J

Anonymous said...

this is a lovely, zen-like, real account of struggle and survival, nice work here!
amy jo

Zoe said...

Mystic Mom - thank you! I knew you would get that phrase!!
Cchampagne - I am pleased you like that balance - I seldom stay too heavy for too long, but you never know how that will come across. :)
Jen - you made my day! xx
Amy Jo - good to meet you! I think struggle is an important part of life - the trick is to survive and move on, not get lost in forever looking back at the struggle part... :)

The Gooseberry Garden said...

keep lovely seeds growing, beautiful poetry.

rallentanda said...

Beautifully expressed sentiments.