Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Assertions echoing lift my heart

Giving me the idea that I am not alone,

That together we will shoulder the burdens

To pursue this task with vigour.

All too soon, the echoes die to silence

Their emptiness fading into the chasm of dreams.

I realise that there is no-one else here but me.

Do I struggle on, alone? Trying

To straddle too many trails? Burden

Growing heavier by the day? Hoping

Against all hope that this uphill climb will end?

That one day, I will walk with renewed strength?

Or do I lay down my burden and build a fire?

Cast my aspirations into the flames of reality

And watch them burn into ash; drift away

With smoke that disappears on the wind -

And sighing, pick my way back down through the rocks

To the plains once more. Leaving behind

Charred hope smouldering into nothingness.

No. I will not quit. I will keep faith

in this journey that is set before me.

I will ask for strength.

And pursue a trail to the heights


That my compass is true.


That my map has not led me astray.


To enjoy the wild untamed beauties

Of this difficult ascent.


I will walk once more

in peaceful valleys,


The clear streams that flow

from this mountain.
And I will smile with remembrance
that though I stumbled

I made it through.

Please go and check out some fantastic poetry at dVerse. Have fun!


Pat Hatt said...

That's all one can do is never quit and say they made it through, wonderful piece!

Brian Miller said...

the journey is rarely easy, and we have those gut moments when we have to decide if we have what it takes to go on...really it is onlya choice we give ourselves...dont give up for sure...very nice capture of those moments...

Heaven said...

Very uplifting post... It is a daily reminder to ourselves to go on walking.. take one day at a time.

Nice to meet you at D'Verse ~

Natasha said...

Wonderful! I've said it more than once today...this too shall pass, to give up before it does never gets you any closer to your aspirations...and really, you are never alone. You've found the wonderful community of dVersePoets...we'll help you bear your burdens! :) Truly enjoyed this today, thank you!

hedgewitch said...

You explore well all the doubts and pitfalls that beset us as we try to follow our inner maps--and underline the need to perservere.

Claudia said...

beautiful capture of those dark moments when the road is just like a jungle and all light and life seems to have disappeared...and then the holding on to and pressing through...very nice

jen revved said...

Good for you, Zoe!! Loved your poem. xj

Jannie Funster said...

I was ready to shout "NO! Do NOT give up on your aspirations," when you pull through for me. Yay! Never give up. And I think I'll take my own advice on that.

So passionate here, really enjoyed this.

Anonymous said...

I can feel your inner compass swivelling - searching out the way thru - Passion and perserverence - the toughest journey's are the only ones woth making.

Great poem penned for inspiration.


Anonymous said...

A positive and inspiring piece. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

The cartography of our inner selves is always most difficult to navigate. Finding resonance between our outer lives and inner drives is the path to Eudaimonia. Integrity is hard road but it sounds like you're prepared to take it.

The Gooseberry Garden said...

love the enthusiasm in it. well done!

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