Sunday, June 17, 2012

Critical Mass

I have been incredibly busy recently, home a lot fewer hours and, as often seems to happen at such times, the clutter has been secretly reproducing.  I only wish that clutter was less inclined to give birth to whole litters at a time!  I wrote this some time ago, but it seems so appropriate to post it today.

Clutter Critical Mass
Chaos and clutter, pushing and pressing
In on me.  Drowning me
Filling my eyes and ears, until I cannot breathe
Under the weight of it.  I close my eyes,
And though I long to shake free from it and
Fly away.  I know I can’t. 
My place is here and so I sigh and pray for time
To halt.  To freeze.
And in the moments outside of time, within this space
To begin.  Perhaps
If I focus on just one space, I can bring peace
And order.  And air.
Perhaps that space will claw its way through
The clutter. Spread and grow
Until chaos subsides and I can breathe again.

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