Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Gift

Over the years I have had a myriad of excuses for a total lack of ambition and belief in my abilities.  I think it is time to face a reality that there are, actually, things that I can do relatively well, and to acknowledge that those things do not come from any merit on my own part, but rather are part of who I was made to be. So here is my offering for dVerse this week.

The gift
Sometimes, as I lift my eyes from the hills
to lose myself in daily uncertainties
I long
For the wisdom of knowing Your will
But then
I wonder, if it isnt instead
that I long
for the patience
to wait for Your time
Or the courage
to move when it comes
But then
If I am honest, I know
that I fear
the beauty of the purpose
You have shown me

Daring to hope for
The faith to believe
You have given me
This gift.


Brian Miller said...

i feel you in this...i need that patience at times as well...and in the mean time we use the gifts given....

Zoe said...

Thanks Brian,
As I mentioned at dVerse, this iis definitely not one of my better poems, but it is straight from the heart and needed to be shared. Hopefully it does mark a new era, and the verse will only get better from here!

Heaven said...

sometimes we think our writing is not our best, but this one is from your heart and flows beautifully.

use your gifts.. you have it ~

Natasha Head said...

Oh must believe! If you use the gift it will only get better and better. Took me forever to grab hold of my pen with you'd have to kill me to get me to let go. Love the honesty in your piece, in your voice...and am hoping to see you next week for another post!

Zoe said...

Heaven - thank you for your kind words. I think you are right - it is hard to see our work through the eyes of others.
Natasha - wow - what an encouragement! I certainly hope to be back next week. And I totally relate to the drive you mention - it is a compulsion, in the best possible way!! :D

lori said...

So great that you are letting it out, and I say, let it all go! You don't want to let that part of you die. I almost went crazy when I set my pen down for several years. So glad you've joined the community, and I hope you stick around :) Nice to meet you!

Zoe said...

Lori - what a lovely welcome! Thank you so much! I understand what you mean about letting that part die - I did for years too, and yet since it has started to live, life seems to have taken on an extra depth and vibrancy. It is lovely to meet you too!

Mystic_Mom said...

Zoe - this is powerful stuff. This I should print and put on my bathroom mirror to remind me. Thank you for sharing and shine on!