Thursday, June 23, 2011

Heavenly Song

“The heavens declare the glory of the Lord,

and the firmament His handiwork….”

I walk through the wheat, sun-kissed and golden,

I hear the lonely cry of the black cockatoos

I feel the warm breeze sighing through the salmon gums.

This is the country I love.

But once the sun sets, the wheat pales

The breeze stills and the earth beneath my feet

Holds it’s breath.

As the sun’s glory fades, the heavens shine

In the silence, vast and silky.

From East to West, the Universe sings

Praise to our God.

The heavenly chorus echos through time,

Each star, each galaxy in joyful abandon,

From North to South, its harmony weaves,

Crescendos through the silent night.

And I stand in awe.


Mystic_Mom said...

Brava! I love this!

Zoe said...

Thank you!!! That verse never fails to move me, and so often I hear the universal psalm as a wordless chorus that sings so loudly I wonder that we don't hear!